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Blue In Green Chord Melody

Have you ever wished you could play on guitar some of those rich, colorful chord voicings, that you often hear in the music of jazz pianists like Bill Evans? I know I did for the longest time, however when I examined some piano transcriptions I found most of them...

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Beautiful Love Chord Melody

In this video I teach you 2 chord melody versions of "Beautiful Love"! The first one is a finger style arrangement that you can play solo. If you've watched some of my previous chord melody lessons on "Wave" or "Satin Doll" , you've noticed that on the solo...

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Satin Doll Chord Melody

For this lesson I've prepared not one...but actually two chord melody arrangements of Duke Ellington's "Satin Doll". I believe that this is one of those tunes that every jazz guitarist should have in his/her repertoire, as it is the perfect vehicle to practice and...

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WAVE: Chord Melody Lesson

In my previous lesson I analyzed  AC. Jobim's ,"Wave" and demonstrated how it is actually a 12 bar blues with an added bridge featuring the same changes as "Tune Up" by  Miles Davis and the bridge to "Cherokee" by Ray Noble! In this video I use various concepts from...

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WAVE: A blues disguised as a bossa

Last week I posted a video teaching "5 Bossa Nova Comping Patterns" I picked up in Rio de Janeiro. As a follow up I just posted what I believe is the ideal vehicle to practice those comping patterns over. I'm of course referring to Antonio Carlos Jobim's, classic...

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5 Bossa Comping Patterns

If you've ever felt like your comping over those bossa standards doesn't groove, or you are bored of always playing the same rhythmic pattern for the entire piece, this lesson is for you! In this video I teach you 5 genuine bossa nova patterns I learned in Brazil....

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Jim Hall’s “Bemsha Swing” Solo

In this video lesson I teach a great solo by one of my all time favorite guitarists...Jim Hall! It's off a 16 bar blues by Thelonious Monk entitled, Bemsha Swing. After playing the solo at tempo, I then teach it to you slowly, and explain what is going on measure by...

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Minimalist Comping for Jazz Guitar

If you viewed  "A Guide To Lead Sheet Chords When Comping",  you'll recall my remark about keyboard players  being the "Kings of the Jazz Jungle". I also mentioned the unwritten rule for guitarists when comping in an ensemble with a pianist...Stay out of their way! In...

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A Guide to Lead Sheet Chords when Comping

Recently I noticed that most lessons on comping for guitar focus primarily on the "rhythmic" aspect. While this is important, I believe that the harmonic implications are just as important, yet often neglected when discussing this subject. So I decided to do a lesson...

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