The Locrian-Lydian Exchange

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Please take a brief moment to consider this scenario…

After a substantial amount of time practicing your major II-V chords and scales, you finally decide it’s time to do the same with the minor II-Vs. Next thing you know, you’re confronted with 2 of the most frustrating scales to master: the locrian and the super locrian (a.k.a. altered )! The bottom line… Their confusing combination of half and whole steps drives you LOCO! 🤪

I don’t know if the above sounds familiar, but in all honesty, it’s been my experience as well as that of hundreds I know. So in this new lesson, I’ve decided to share several hacks that will enable you to experience what I like to call a Locrian Paradigm Shift ! This will not only help you better understand the application of these scales and their related chords, but will also provide a new perspective if you already use them!


The “Locrian-Lydian Exchange” lesson files, can be downloaded for $9.50. The download includes the following files: A 13 page PDF including the theory and 16 phrases featuring both regular notation and detailed TAB. Also MP3s and a Band in a Box file of everything, as well as a Midi file if you rather practice using  “Guitar Pro” or the free downloadable notation app: “Muse Score”.

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  1. Duncan Herring

    This is a great presentation. Some truly beautiful music lines are involved. Many of us will need to put on our thinking caps to understand this material; however, this lesson includes a wealth of material that we can practice. And the resulting sound is totally worth the effort. Once again, Richie has gone out of his way provide some amazing material

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