Lego Chord Melody-Melodic Minor

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So you’re probably wondering, what on earth is Lego Chord Melody? Simply put, it’s one of those seldom taught guitar concepts that don’t appear to have an official name. I usually prefer to describe it using the terms, “interlocking” or “modular” chord shapes. And let me add that it can be used not only to create chord melody but it’s also great for comping!

In this lesson I show you how to derive a very modern sound using modular chord shapes derived from the melodic minor. These can be developed in 4 zones throughout the fretboard, and can be then grouped to create chord melody over II-V-Is and other progressions. To give you a taste of how cool they sound, in the video I use them exclusively to improvise over a known standard and then I teach you their application over a couple of II-V-Is.


The “Melodic Minor Modular Chords” lesson files, can be downloaded for $10.50. The download includes the following files:  PDFs with both regular notation and detailed TAB for all the chords in 4 Zones and the 10 II-V-I exercises, MP3s and Band in a Box files, as well as a Midi files so you can practice using the free downloadable notation app: “Muse Score”.

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