Major 9th Arpeggio Superimposition

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If you’re an intermediate to advanced player, do you ever get tired of hearing yourself play the same old lines when improvising? Maybe you’re just in need of expanding your vocabulary or simply exploring some new melodic perspectives. If so, in my newly posted video I introduce you to a concept that will train both your ears and fingers to play some of those interesting angular post bop lines used by several of today’s cutting edge jazz musicians! It’s called Major 9th Arpeggio Super-Imposition.

In this lesson I show you how the intervals of the major 9th chord inversions, produce various fretboard shapes that we can super-impose over several other chord families. By doing so, we can conceive some unique melodic lines that we wouldn’t normally come up with when thinking in terms of the original chord’s scale and/or arpeggio. Two of the resulting characteristics are the use of wide angular intervals, often requiring string skipping, and a frequent use of upper extensions!


The “9th Arpeggio Super-imposition” lesson files, can be downloaded for $8.50. The download includes the following files:  PDF with 16 II-V-I lines in regular notation and TAB + MP3s, all the super-imposition theory explained with charts, 24 permutations of the maj. 9th arpeggio including fretboard diagrams to practice over the changes to “Stella by Starlight” , and a Band in a Box file. If you don’t own BIAB, a Midi file is also included so you can practice using the free downloadable notation app: “Muse Score”.

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