"Duets" , "Solos" & More!

“It Could Happen To You”

“Just Friends”

“I’ll Remember April” (Latin Jazz style)

“There Will Never Be Another You”


  1. heru ra

    Peace, unable to get the E-book.

  2. Christian Paul

    Good stuff Richie … but I have to say that your twin brother looks better than you …

  3. jmarc linotte

    Hello richie merci pour ce partage;=) Jmarc

  4. Laurence Groves

    Hello Richie. I hope this messege finds you well.
    I’m having second thoughts with applying to Berkley on-line.
    But watching your You Tube Lessons and registering to your E-Book makes me
    Impecable Lesson. Thank-you.

    • Carlos Figueroa

      Hi Laurence, I don’t know if you made a decision yet, but I can’t tell you that I took several classes at Berklee On-Line, (Chords 101, 201, Jazz Guitar, etc), I must say that I got a wealth of knowledge and theory, but in the end I could not play anything decent…. I later “discovered” Richie’s Bebop Guitar series and I have been his student for two years now. The method is rock solid, methodic, logical and fun.

      Best regards!

      Carlos Figueroa

      • Bruce Bradley

        Agreed, like taking a college course but at my pace! Just incredible Richie!!

  5. hal chapman

    thanks for summertime Richie. It will add to and enhance my simpler versions and make a good and longer version. As I’ve said before. You’re the best guitar teacher I’ve ever had.

    • Richie Zellon

      Thanks Hal, much appreciated!

  6. Max or Maxie Willow

    Hello Richie.
    Really enjoyed you latino take on Green Dolphin Street. Certainly add a completely different dimension in playing style. I found it particularly relevant, since lately, I have been playing around with Keith Jarrett’s “Questar” and, Egeberto Gismonti’s “Kalimba’ trying to make these into guitar chord melodies.Your methods used in Green Dolphin Street have given me additional ideas on how to reach my goal How well I remember our first interaction, when you stated that you would be a completely different and unique teacher compared to my other jazz guitar teachers, and you have ‘coitenly’ proved that to be. Your influences are helping me in my goal towards becoming a broader thinking jazz ‘schwitzer’, and how well I remember the great advice from mean Moe Howard (apropos guitar learning)-:Spread Out!!”Best, Maxie

    • Richie Zellon

      Thanks Maxie…glad to be of service!

  7. brendan s

    thank you so much for all this

    • Richie Zellon

      You’re most welcome!

  8. Karyn Smith

    I love your teaching technique and how you connect progressions, phasing, scales , arpeggios with harmony chords , passing chords while referencing the melody.
    So, glad I joined your lessons. This will help me excelerate my practicing.
    Thank you for the great lessons

    • Richie Zellon

      Thanks Karyn…enjoy!

  9. Melvin Harrod

    Hey ! saw your video on jazz guitars under $1000 and i was impressed with your knowledge and your unbiased explanations …so now i subscribe to your channel….!

  10. Kevin Sterchi

    Great Site Richie!!!

    • Richie Zellon

      Thanks Kevin…much appreciated!

  11. L. Harrison

    Enjoying your fun, informative site, & love your tasteful melodic playing. Who is your duo guitarist? – at 1st I thought it was you but realized that fake beards don’t look that real!! Like your conversational approach. Many jazz musicians “clear the room” with endless pattern riffing. Thanks for your wonderful gift to jazz & guitarists. Libby

    • Richie Zellon

      Thanks Libby!!! The other guitarist is also me. I like to play with….oops 🙂

  12. George Vorres

    I’m a bass player and I want to improve my jazz improvisation. Can these study materials help me?

    • Richie Zellon

      Sure, for the most part…as long as you can transpose them to bass clef and adapt to your range and strings.

  13. Yuan Tian

    Great Job!:D, ahhh sorry,but I can can really not find the PDF “all blues”from Miles Davis on the website. Btw,Thx from China 谢谢!

    • Richie Zellon

      Thanks Yuan! If you search for Miles Davis under “categories” on the top right side of the front page, it’ll bring up all the Miles pdfs, including “All Blues”.

  14. Michael Iadonisi

    Hi Richie, Now after listening to It could happen to you, I am now convinced that you are one of my favorite jazz players. I am 62 so I’ve been around for a while and familiar with lots of the greats. Tal, Wes, Joe Pass, Scofield, MikeStern, Pat Metheny, etc etc. You got what they got and I want that too. Keep up the great work. Thank You.

    • Richie Zellon

      Thank you kindly Michael! Those are some of the greats I’ve been listening to for years…they are the masters and innovators!

  15. Volkmar Fölss

    I looked for guitar lessons with John Scofield and so I found your Video: how John Scofield played over rhythmn changes, really phantastic, because you played in a slow way too.

    • Richie Zellon

      Thanks, glad it was helpful!

  16. arnim reid

    I am slow in keeping up due to my wife being recently discharged from hospital. Hopefully, I’ll soon catch up.

    Thank You,

  17. Roy Winters

    You are your distant cousin play beautifully together. I look forward to your next online concert.

    • Richie Zellon

      Thanks Roy. I’ll pass on the message and maybe he’ll agree to play some more duets with me. Now, if I could only convince him to do something with me live, that is offline…maybe someday…lol…they clone mice?

  18. Daniel BEGUIN

    Thank you to let me study this nice sounding arrangement. It will certainly take me a while but since the teacher is a Maestro. Merci mille fois

  19. Robert Lizarraga

    Glad to see you with your twin brother here. j/k lol. Cool, monster guitar player with a sense of humor! Much appreciation for your free works here, you’re helping the jazz community immensely, mucho gusto!!

  20. Joost van Kommer

    Is there any way you can look into Waltz for Debby by Bill Evans? I’ve been looking all over for a nice guitar arrangement. An interpretation by you would be great to hear!

    • admin

      That’s a great tune. I’ll keep it in mind for the future.

  21. Benjamin Bernal

    Great job! thank you for all this videos and lessons, from Oruro Bolivia!!

  22. Zariel

    Now I feel studip. That’s cleared it up for me

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