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All lesson downloads include one or more of the following:

  • PDF with conventional music notation and TAB
  • MP3 of chord melody arrangement or solo transcription
  • MP3 of backing track
  • Band in a Box practice file (for those who have the software) featuring the lesson’s chord melody, solo transcription or exercises. This will enable you to practice more efficiently by slowing down any tempo, looping sections and transposing keys, all with a touch of a button. A Midi file is also usually included so that if you don’t own Band in a Box, you can alternatively open it up to practice using the free app, Muse Score.



Chord Melody arrangements so you never stop growing your repertoire:

*Standards for Jazz Guitar Series featuring how to play both the single string melody as well as a harmonized version you can play in a combo setting. Includes a detailed “chord per chord” harmonic analysis so you can better understand the composition and how to improvise over it.

*Fingerstyle for Solo Jazz Guitar Series consists of intermediate to advanced arrangements featuring unique chord voicings, walking bass lines, counterpoint and more! Think of it as “Jazz Guitar meets Classical Guitar”.


Solo Transcriptions of your favorite Jazz artists:

*Features a detailed note per note analysis so you can understand the architecture of their lines!

Improvisation Tips and Concepts:

*Includes specially tailored exercises to help you master them!

Special Core Studies section:

* Video lessons explaining the foundations of basic theory, jazz harmony, chord voicings, scales and more!

Exclusive “for members only” video lessons:

* Extended versions of “preview only” You Tube video lessons from The Jazz Guitar Channel



What is the duration of the Jazz Guitar Elite subscription?

The Elite membership lasts for 12 months.

Can I sample it free for a month and then decide?

The great majority of what is included is available for you to freely sample on the embedded You Tube video lessons. The main difference is that upon joining you get access to all the downloads for the lessons as well as the other perks described.

Why does the membership only offer a 12 month option?

Let me start by pointing out that the membership gives you access to several years worth of downloadable material in the form of chord melody arrangements, solos, exercises and more. Unfortunately, when given a trial or one month only option, many new members are tempted to download all the existing material, after which they feel no need to renew. To that effect, please understand that I would be giving away several years of hard work and effort.

So to answer the question, if I don’t have a yearly subscription commitment from each member…I would not have the financial support which justifies and enables me to keep investing the time and resources necessary to create new monthly lessons. Having said that, your ongoing support to keep this site alive is greatly appreciated!!!

Can I cancel at any time?

Of course! If you request a cancellation, your membership will not be renewed after your current subscription expires and you will not be billed. However, keep in mind that there are no refunds for current subscriptions. This is due to the explicit reasons provided in the answers to the previous questions.

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