Miles-So What Live

by | Miles Davis

In 1959 Miles Davis recorded what was to become the best selling album in jazz history…Kind of Blue. Through this recording he also introduced the world of music to modal jazz. A few weeks after the historic studio recording, Miles taped a live TV recording using the same musicians. On this occasion he performed several pieces from the studio session, including a phenomenal live version of “So What”!

I am excited to let you know that in lesson I teach you, as well as fully analyze 2 choruses of Miles’ solo from this performance……This is a fairly easy solo to play, so if you’re just getting into jazz, I strongly recommend that you check it out.

On the other hand, if you’re a more seasoned player, regardless of the technical simplicity of this solo, its compositional depth is breath taking, and it’s a masterpiece musicians at all levels can learn from! Last but not least, it’s a dorian mode masterclass! As a result, if you’re not too clear on what “modal jazz” is, by the end of this lesson you’ll be able to properly define it and tell it apart from bebop!


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