Miles’ Secret Solo Sauce Revealed!

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Have you ever wondered why Miles Davis is so revered as a jazz improviser and why so many musicians worldwide transcribe and study his solos?

I just posted one of my all time favorite lessons in which I play 4 measure fragments of 10 different solos that Miles recorded throughout his career. Throughout these examples I reveal a special ingredient that always caught the listeners ear and made him/her crave for more!

If you are a Miles fan, you’ll probably be guessing that the special ingredient was his exemplary use of “space”. And yes…it was part of the formula. But most important of all, I will reveal a lesser known melodic/rhythmic device that he always employed to set up the space between the notes. This is a very significant element in what I like to call “Miles’ Secret Solo Sauce”. So be sure to watch this lesson because once you understand this concept, you too can experiment in adding this ingredient to your solos!


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