SLONIMSKY SYSTEM: 24 Permutations of a 4 Part Chord (Preview)

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Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic PatternsWhat do John Coltrane, Allan Holdsworth, Freddie Hubbard and Frank Zappa among several other great music innovators have in common? That they all claim to have studied and practiced using Nicholas Slonimsky’s “Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns”.

In this mini-course you will understand how to use this system, often referred to as “the bible of musical note permutations”, to derive new improvisational vocabulary from your existing knowledge of arpeggios. In this course this is done by first learning the 24 permutations of a 4 Part Chord.

In the first phase we go over all 24 permutations using a dominant 7 chord. You can then apply it to any 4 part chord family. In phase 2 of the procedure we learn how to combine and connect the different arpeggio permutations throughout a simple 12 bar blues to form the framework for a solo. Once you understand this process you can apply it to any standard of your choice. In phase 3 we learn how to incorporate upper extensions. Finally in phase 4, we apply different rhythms to our existing arpeggio framework and we derive a solo in which you will hear melodic patterns resembling the styles of Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane and many influential soloists of both the bebop and post bop eras!


This exclusive information packed course is available for just $12.00 ! It consists of 4 instructional videos and the following downloads:

  •  An 8 page PDF with a complete transcription of all the spoken instruction in the videos as well as all the music notation and tablature for the 24 arpeggio permutations as well as the 3 resulting solos.
  • Band In a Box and/or Midi Files for all 3 Solos so you can conveniently slow down, loop, and transpose all the material when practicing.
  •  MP3 of the solos in case you don’t have access to Band in a Box or a Midi Sequencer.

NOTE: The videos are not downloadable, however, once you purchase the course you can return and watch the instructional videos by simply logging in, as many times as you wish indefinitely! Nonetheless, keep in mind that you will have all the same information in the downloads which is what you will eventually need and use to practice.

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