The Bebop Scale: Everything You Need To Know!

by | Jazz Improvisation

This video is all about the bebop scalewhat it is, what it isn’t and when and how to use it! In this comprehensive lesson, I teach you how to easily come up with all the variants of the original bebop scale, how to instantly apply them to improvise over any II-V-I, and to conclude I show you an exercise over a Rhythm Changes bridge.

I also take this opportunity to give you some background on the origins of this scale and clear up some controversies among jazz musicians. If you are already a user of the bebop scale, you may or may not be aware of what I am going to point out, and you may not agree initially. But I encourage you to stick with me and you’ll eventually realize that my goal is not to invalidate the bebop scale, but instead, to understand it from a different, more useful theoretical perspective.


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