Jazz Guitar Articulation: from bebop to post-bop

by | Jazz Improvisation

Have you ever thought about what makes two jazz guitarists such as George Benson and John Scofield sound so radically different ? Most respond that it’s due to their choice of notes. And yes that is true, but there are other defining factors that are just as important. One of these is how they articulate each note when playing a phrase.

In this lesson I demonstrate the difference between bebop and post-bop articulation as applied to the guitar. After explaining what makes each one unique, I give you some examples by naming some of the most noteworthy jazz guitarists in both schools of articulation. To conclude, I play a given phrase first using what many call “bebop” articulation and then play it again with the “post-bop” touch. Yes, the notes are identical but the feel is altogether different.

A good understanding of how to vary your “articulation” can help shape your style and bring to life the sound you desire.


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