Master Tuplets

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I’m going to assume that like most guitarists you’re fairly accustomed to playing triplets. But how about quintuplets, sextuplets and septuplets? Are they a part of your rhythmic vocabulary or does the mere sight of them on a piece of music make your knees tremble (lol)? If so, the new video I  posted might just be your cure!

In this lesson I show you how the different tuplet varieties sound like and conclude by teaching you a jazz blues, aptly titled “Tupletude”.  I wrote this etude especially to teach you how to tame the tuplet monster in a familiar musical context!


The Tame The Tuplet Monster Files can be downloaded for $7.00 . Your contribution is much appreciated, as it helps support the site and allows me to keep investing the long hours required to produce these lessons.  The download includes the following files:  PDFs with both regular notation and TAB for the etude (“Tupletude”) and individual tuplets, as well as MP3s of the etude, a backing track, audio examples of each variety of tuplet, and a Band in a Box file of the etude .

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