“Blue Bossa” Barry Harris Style

by | Chord Melody

Kenny Dorham

In this lesson I show you how I take a standard in a minor key and harmonize the melody using the 6th diminished chord concept associated with the late Barry Harris.

For this task I have chosen “Blue Bossa” by Kenny Dorham. Why? Well not only is it a great standard that everyone seems to know and enjoy playing, but it is conveniently short…only 16 measures long! In addition the melody is very linear or scalar which is ideal for this style of harmonization.

After hearing me play the finished chord melody arrangement, you’ll get to watch as I break it down measure by measure and explain  the procedure I used to harmonize each melody note!


The “Blue Bossa” chord melody lesson files, can be downloaded for $8.00. The download includes the following files:  PDF with both regular notation and TAB of the arrangement (improvised solo not included), MP3, a Band in a Box file, as well as a Midi file so you can practice using the free downloadable notation app: “Muse Score”.

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  1. Greg Brown

    Thanks for an excellent lesson Barry. I’m finally finding my way around the Barry Harris “6th” and “Diminished” system. Since the concept was originally developed on a piano one need to have have a good understanding of Drop Voicings to make it work on guitar.
    I noticed that your DOWNLOAD caters for 3 different levels.
    [Content protected for Elite, Elite 3 Month, Elite 6 Month members only]”

    How does one subscribe to the Elite 3 Month membership? Thanks once again for all the lessons.

    • Richie Zellon

      Sorry, there is currently only one “Elite” program you can subscribe to. The 3 and 6 month ones you are referring to were only available when the membership was started several years ago and discontinued after the first year.

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