Blue Bossa Improvisation Concepts

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In this lesson I teach you 6 concepts to apply when soloing over Blue Bossa. Truthfully, once you get them down you can apply them over virtually any standard! I just chose Blue Bossa because it is a popular standard and If you don’t already know it, it’s fairly easy to learn… only 16 measures long.

In case you’re wondering, the 6 concepts I demonstrate are: motif development, rhythm displacement, time displacement, poly-rhythms, the art of quoting and the effective use of repetition. The proper use of these ideas are sure to help create a sense of continuity in your solos which are essential to keep your listener interested.

In the video you get to hear me improvise over 3 choruses of Blue Bossa and every time I apply each one of the concepts mentioned, a textual description appears. After my demonstration I explain and refer to each one of them as I play the examples on the downloadable PDF.

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      Thanks Roy…I took my jazz pill!

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