8 II-V-I Variations

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Unless you are totally new to jazz, I’m sure you are well aware that its most frequent recurring harmonic progression is the II-V-I. And for this reason we tend to spend a great portion of our practice time, both learning to comp and improvise over it. But did you know that the II-V-I comes in countless flavors? If so, are you proficient with all of them? If not, please read on….

In this lesson I cover 8 important II-V-I variations you will encounter in most jazz standards! In doing so I also give you several examples of where each variation can be found in several known standards. Finally, I list their best corresponding scales and demonstrate some chord voicings you can use if you are just getting started.


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  1. Hans-Helmut Zeug

    Thank you Richie for your newsletters and your videos. I enjoy it very much to see your lessons, to hear your voice and playing the examples you pick out to show how it works.
    I learned that music is an ocean and it seems to me that you present always very fine lections to demonstrate how deep it is.
    Despite the music your lessons are an good way to hear and practice to understand a for me foreign language.
    Thank you very much from the north of bavaria in germany and stay in good health!

  2. Claude Martin

    Thank you Sir, very much appreciated

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