Girl from Ipanema Reharmonizations

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In this lesson I teach you a couple of cool re-harmonization techniques for “Girl from Ipanema” and several other standards based on that same initial progression. This applied lesson in jazz harmony will show you how to add more color and motion to a static chord progression.

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Implying the Harmony in a Jazz Guitar Solo

Solo over My Funny Valentine using Diads

The Giant Steps Turnaround



  1. Tonnie van der Heide

    Richie you play some different changes over the two bars of G13, but you have not written out what you are doing there. Please let me know!

    • Richie Zellon

      Could you be more specific as to the time (minutes and seconds) in the video that you are referring to?

  2. john simpson

    impressed with site, thank you

  3. Luiz Manoel Cunha

    Great! I love yours lessons. God bless youComment

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