What Pat Martino Taught Me!

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Last week I was very saddened to hear that one of the of jazz guitar passed away. I’m referring to Pat Martino (1944-2021) who will not only be remembered as a major influence guitarists worldwide, but also as a wonderful human being to those who had the good fortune of getting to know him.

I first met Pat Martino during the summer of 1977 while studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston. When I found out that he would be performing for several days at the now defunct Jazz Workshop on Boylston Street, I couldn’t wait to hear him! The very first night he performed, I approached him during one of his breaks and asked him for lessons to which he agreed.

As my personal tribute to Pat, I want to share with you throughout this video what taught me during my brief studies with him that week!


  1. William James

    Thank you for this enlightening lesson with appropriate homage to Pat Martino. I was fortunate to see him in late 70’s at the Cellar Door in Georgetown, DC. I asked him to sign a guitar strap for my older buddy who was too nervous to ask. He cheerfully signed it in a dark marker, my friend still has it today. He good naturedly kidded that he wanted the strap, then smiled and handed it to me of course signed.

    • Richie Zellon

      Yes, Pat used to always carry a marker to gigs and he would take his time creating a very artsy autograph. Not your usual fast scribble. He will be missed…Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jorge Franchy

    Great idea Richie!!!

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