Minor Pentatonics: Coltrane Perspectives 1

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If you’re a guitarist, I wouldn’t be surprised if the very first scale you ever learned is the minor pentatonic ! And most likely…you first learned it to solo either over the blues or your favorite rock tune. But if you’re like most guitarists who get into jazz, it’s probably been abandoned and stored in one of the closets deep inside your musical brain. And that’s because you find it to be of no use when improvising over standards!

If this is your case, as it is with most guitarists who start out with bebop, in this lesson I teach you how minor pentatonics were initially employed by the legendary John Coltrane & various post-bop musicians that have followed in his footsteps.

In this video you will learn how to “super-impose” pentatonics, not only over the blues, but in different keys to fit the chord changes used in countless jazz standards. Simply put, you will learn how to use that minor pentatonic you’ve probably used since you started to play guitar, over 6 different chord types!


The Minor Pentatonics: Coltrane Perspectives Part 1 lesson files, can be downloaded for $8.50. The download includes the following files: a PDF with all the super-imposition theory explained in the lesson, 10 minor ascending and descending sequences, 8 II-V-I lines, all in regular notation and TAB; a super-imposition map of all the minor pentatonics used over the changes to “All The Things You Are”,  MP3s of all examples, Band in a Box file to practice, and and Midi file so you can practice using the free downloadable notation app: “Muse Score”.

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    what is the name of the mini course/study package you mentioned in the video? thanks!

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