Chords w Harmonic Identity Disorder

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If you’ve been playing guitar long enough, at some point you’ve probably read some notation or TAB for a chord voicing and the familiar shape you ended up playing was being called something completely different than what you always knew it as.

Who knows? Maybe you always identified it as a dominant but now it was being introduced as a form of minor. This leads you to wonder…how many more harmonic applications that you don’t know about might be possible with that familiar shape? In this video I answer that question as I tell you all about  chord shapes suffering from….. Harmonic Identity Disorder! (lol)

In the lesson I not only explain the theory, but from a practical standpoint, I show you how to take advantage of this so called condition and teach you how you can easily play several sophisticated jazz progressions by simply moving the same shape across the fretboard! So, If you are not familiar with these perspectives, check out the video as I promise you they will open up new possibilities for both comping and chord melody!


The Chords with Harmonic Identity Disorder lesson files, can be downloaded for $8.50 . Your contribution is much appreciated, as it helps support the site and allows me to keep investing the long hours required to produce these lessons. The download includes the following files:  PDFs with both regular notation and TAB, MP3 of each example played slowly.

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