Minimalist Comping for Jazz Guitar

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If you viewed  “A Guide To Lead Sheet Chords When Comping”,  you’ll recall my remark about keyboard players  being the “Kings of the Jazz Jungle”. I also mentioned the unwritten rule for guitarists when comping in an ensemble with a pianist…Stay out of their way!

In this follow up lesson, I show you how to tame the “King of the Jazz Jungle” using a concept I like to call “minimalist comping”. I can assure you that the proper understanding and application of this concept will guarantee that you not only survive the gig, but most likely get called back!

The above is just one of many scenarios where minimalist comping comes in handy. There are times when there is no “lion” present in the ensemble and we as guitarists have the full responsibility of handling the comping . In these instances, minimalist comping may also come in handy, especially when the music calls for an open, uncluttered harmonic background. In the video I demonstrate how it can create a contrapuntal effect with both the soloist and the rest of the rhythm section.


  1. Jazzy Beatle

    Come on guys, you don’t expect to have it all handed to you on a silver platter for free, do you? Just wait for Richie’s next course!

  2. brendan kennedy

    Is there a PDF for this lesson?

    • Richie Zellon

      Sorry, no PDF for this one.

  3. Ronald Askew

    Of all the topics that require a PDF, this is the one; but where is it?

    • Richie Zellon

      Sorry, no PDF for this one.

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