“My Favorite Things” Chord Melody

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My Favorite Things  (transcription from the video)

If you’re one of those guitarists that is jealous of how pianists have all the advantages just because they can get a fuller sound using both hands to simultaneously play a chord and a melody, and you believe this makes them self-sufficient…well, you may be right to a certain point. But let me remind you that we guitarists can also be self sufficient, IF….. we learn to play finger-style chord melody…

 In this video I want to teach you a finger-style arrangement of a well known composition from “The Sound Of Music” which became a jazz standard after John Coltrane recorded it. And I’m referring to “My Favorite Things”. This is a great addition to your repertoire of jazz waltzes that most people will instantly recognize.In addition…this one’s also a great cure for piano envy. Just ask Julie Andrews…ha,ha


The My Favorite Things Files can be downloaded for $7.50 (buy me a cup of coffee & a snack?). Your contribution is much appreciated, as it helps support the site and allows me to keep investing the long hours required to produce these lessons. The download includes: a PDF of the transcription with both regular notation and TAB, 2 MP3s of the arrangement being played at a slow and medium tempo, a Band in a Box File and a Midi File.

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  1. Josh Carson

    How do i download? I registered. Signed in. Still not able to download

    • Richie Zellon

      According to the system you never confirmed your registration so the site isn’t recognizing you. You were sent a confirmation email with a link when you registered. It probably went into your spam folder. If you can’t find it please write to me at jazzguitar@richiezellon.com with your username and a temp password so I can manually update it in the system.

  2. Noel Glover

    Hi Richie, This is a great lesson and the slower MP3 file is a real help! One thought; your fingering choices (accepting this can be personal) on the tab or notation, particularly in tricky areas would be a useful addition to speed up the learning.

    • Richie Zellon

      Thanks Noel! As far as the fingerings, they are very hard to notate in the given space, and not only would everything be so much more cluttered, but it would take me twice the time to produce these PDFs. I will see what I can do. For now your best option is to watch me play it slow on the video and make your own notes.

      • Noel Glover

        Thanks Richie,
        Understood and will do!

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