Beautiful Love Chord Melody

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In this video I teach you 2 chord melody versions of “Beautiful Love”!

The first one is a finger style arrangement that you can play solo. If you’ve watched some of my previous chord melody lessons on “Wave” or “Satin Doll” , you’ve noticed that on the solo arrangements, I use a lot of open strings whenever possible. And that is because they create more sustain in the notes and allow for the creation of chord voicings that otherwise would not be possible to execute on guitar. To achieve this, sometimes I have to arrange the piece in a different key than the one it’s usually played in. Fortunately, I’ve  been able to keep “Beautiful Love” in its original key which is D minor and allows for plenty of open strings.

The 2nd arrangement which is a little easier, is meant to be played in a setting which includes a bass player. Even though the video shows all the notation for you to follow along, for a nominal fee, you have the option to download a set of files below that will make it much easier to learn and practice!


The Beautiful Love Files can be downloaded for $7.50 (buy me a cup of coffee and a snack?). Your contribution is much appreciated, as it helps support the site and allows me to keep investing the long hours required to produce these lessons. The download includes: 2 PDFs of both arrangements with both regular notation and TAB, MP3s of both arrangements and the backing track, and  Band In A Box files, as well as MIDI files of both versions. That’s 9 files in total, providing you with great resources to learn and practice these arrangements!

For those that don’t use PayPal…when you click the button below, it will give you the option to pay with any major credit card without the need to sign up for PayPal. Note that you must be logged in for the payment and download links to be visible!

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    I’m having trouble entering a New Zealand address. It requires a US zip code and a US mobile phone number.

    • Richie Zellon

      You are already registered on this site, so I’m not sure what you are referring to. Is this when you try to pay with PayPal? If so, that is something you have to contact them about. However, I’ve never heard of something like this happening before. If it continues, contact me at and I’ll see what I can do to straighten it out.

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