5 Bossa Comping Patterns

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If you’ve ever felt like your comping over those bossa standards doesn’t groove, or you are bored of always playing the same rhythmic pattern for the entire piece, this lesson is for you!

In this video I teach you 5 genuine bossa nova patterns I learned in Brazil. First you’ll hear me demonstrate the result of combining the different patterns as I comp over a great bossa nova called Quem Diz Que Sabe by Joao Donato. It was later recorded by Wes Montogomery as “Know it All” on the album “Down Here on the Ground”.  I then show you these classic patterns introduced by 3 Brazilian musicians who are among the pioneers of bossa nova on guitar: Oscar Castro-Neves, Carlos Lyra and Joao Gilberto. This is the real thing…so check it out!


The Bossa Comping Files can be downloaded for $7.00 (buy me a cup of coffee and a snack?) Your contribution is much appreciated, as it helps support the site and allows me to keep investing the long hours required to produce these lessons. The download includes: a PDF of the patterns with both regular notation and TAB, an MP3 of the patterns, a Band In A Box file, a MIDI file, and a 3 page article I wrote for Jazz Improv Magazine with additional transcriptions and information about bossa nova.

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  1. John Bourscheid

    Hi Richie, I just watched your Bosa Nova video and signed up for your site, wanting to download the pdf, etc. However, after logging in, the page for the lesson does not have an active link from which to pay for and download the material. Can you help?


    John Bourscheid

    • Richie Zellon

      Hi John, I just looked at the page and the paypal icons are there with all the info below the description text. If you can’t see them, please write to me at jazzguitar@richiezellon.com and I will send you a screenshot and walk you through it. Also, let me know what device you are viewing the page on.

  2. Phillip Liberty

    The Wes Montgomery version of the 1st. song named ” Know It All” has a solo that has intrigued me since the first-time I listened. If you’ve heard it, any advice or comments would be most appreciated! I really enjoy all of your lessons, and playing!! PLEASE KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO!! Thanks so much!!

    • Richie Zellon

      Thanks Phillip, glad you enjoy the lessons! Yes, sure I’ve heard the Wes version…it actually inspired me to play it on this video. What can I say about it, except that it’s Wes playing a great solo as usual.

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