How to Solo “Outside”

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In this lesson I unravel the mystery of playing “outside” without sounding like you made a mistake or got lost in the changes. Now, if you are new to jazz and have no clue what playing “outside” is, let me just briefly sum it up as temporarily improvising over different chord changes other than those written, in order to purposefully create a strong sense of tension and dissonance.

You  hear this concept in the playing of many post bop jazz musicians such as John Coltrane, later Miles Davis recordings, Herbie Hancock and of course guitarists such as John Scofield and Pat Metheny. But if you’re still not sure what I’m referring to, in the video I solo over the changes to How High The Moon so you can hear me use a variety of outside concepts. After that I show you some of these concepts and give you some tips on how you can convincingly play outside over any II-V-I progression!


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