5 Chromatic Licks To Jump-Start Your Solos

by | Jazz Improvisation

In this video lesson I want to share some cool chromatic lines that are sure to grab your listeners ear when you start a solo…. You know that section after playing the head to a standard, where the whole band stops and the soloist plays a flurry of notes leading into his solo? Well, this is called a solo break or “pickup” and it is usually played over a dominant chord or a II-V that resolves to the initial measure of the standard being played. However, I want you to know that although these lines were conceived to be played during a solo break, you can use them virtually anywhere in a solo as long as the chord changes match.

Be sure to download the PDF with these 5 chromatic lines to jumpstart your solos over both major and minor standards!

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  1. Eliot Minkovitch

    Nice! I wonder if you have anything on how to systematically use more chromatic phrasing in solos, or it’s just a matter of memorizing chromatic licks?

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