WAVE: Chord Melody Lesson

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In my previous lesson I analyzed  AC. Jobim’s ,”Wave” and demonstrated how it is actually a 12 bar blues with an added bridge featuring the same changes as “Tune Up” by  Miles Davis and the bridge to “Cherokee” by Ray Noble! In this video I use various concepts from that previous lesson to teach you a full chord melody arrangement of “Wave”.

The cool thing about this arrangement, as you’ll learn from watching the lesson, is that it works both in a trio or duet setting with a bass player, or simply as a solo guitar piece “a la Joe Pass”.  Even though I use a lot of interesting chords and finger-style concepts, I offer suggestions towards the end of the video on how to simplify the arrangement  if needed. There’s a lot to learn here, so check it out!


The “Wave” Chord Melody Files can be downloaded for $7.50 (buy me a cup of coffee and a snack?). Your contribution is much appreciated, as it helps support the site and allows me to keep investing the long hours required to produce these lessons. The download includes: a 5 page PDF of the arrangement with both regular notation and TAB, MP3s of the arrangement and the backing track, a Band In A Box file including the rhythm section, and a MIDI file of the solo.

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  1. Mark Lopez

    Hi I was not able to purchase the Wave tutorial since I’m not at the correct membership level. Is it possible to get this downloaded?

    • Richie Zellon

      Sure, you just need to pay for it first ($7.50). If you’re logged in just click on the PayPal icon. Full instructions are above the PayPal icon.

      • Mark Lopez

        Hi Richie I tried to pay with credit card and it appeared to accept the payment but the following text appeared “Oops! Wrong Membership Level”

  2. Arthur Silva

    Hi, I didn’t want to became elite premium right now. I just wanted to pay the $ 6,00 and download the material for this video. Is that possible?

  3. Robert Dietz

    Hello Mr. Zellon, My compliments on creating an exceptional arrangement of Jobim’s Wave. The use of open strings and interesting chord substitutions makes the piece interesting, educational, and fun to learn and play. Thanks for the video and the music.

  4. Roberto DuBarry

    Mr. Zellon, all came through fine this time and all the material was downloaded. I don’t know how long it is going to take me to master this piece since I’m a beginner trying to teach myself. However, as soon as learn this piece I will be ordering additional material. I’m open to any advice or recommendations as well. Thank you.

    • Richie Zellon

      This is not really a beginner’s piece. However, I recommend that you start by learning the chords in the arrangement first…try to simplify it where ever you can as long as it still sounds good…

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