Softly As In A Morning Sunrise Chord Melody

by | Chord Melody, Jazz Standards

This Lesson features a fingerstyle chord melody arrangement of “Softly As In A Morning Sunrise” with a walking bass. Enjoy!


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  1. pat yak

    I can not pay!!

    your website is so frustrating
    your work is so so good!!

    but I cannot spend the 6 bucks for a pdf

    so very frustrating

    • Richie Zellon

      You’re telling me you can’t pay…but you don’t explain why? How can I help you if you don’t explain the problem???

    • Daniel Ribeiro

      Hi mate
      You have to create an account first.

  2. Max or Maxie Willow

    Hi Richie,
    Oh vais mir-how much I love this song, but every time I try and play it, I think of the very sad time when I met Emily Remler, in Sydney, back in 1990, when I was working as a doctor. I happened to have a coffee break, and by total chance, I ran into her at a coffee lounge, near the hospital that I was working at. It only took me a few minutes to appreciate how close to death she was-too much cocaine abuse (as opposed to her use of opioids which is publicly reported), that led to her into an end-stage heart failure (dilated cardiomyopathy induced), I tried desperately to get her admitted to our hospital where a heart transplant may have saved her. She was happy enough for me to check her out in my nearby practice rooms, in which my worst fears were confirmed. Despite lot of tears from her, and a question as to why she had never met such a kind guy in all her life, she still refused hospital admission. She passed the following morning, and I rushed into hospital, where the folks in forensic medicine (mortuary) allowed me to spend a few minutes with her prior to her return to the States; how sadly I remember , clutching her hand, never wanting to let her go; just a nice Yiddisher girl from Jersey who went the wrong way. Best to you Richie, Maxie

    • Richie Zellon

      Wow Maxie…that is so sad…I was a big fan of Emily’s playing and have all her recordings. Sometime ago I did a YouTube video on female jazz guitarists and Emily was my #1 choice.

      I had a student that used to take lessons from her in her apartment in New York back in the 80’s. He told me about a time someone knocked on her door in the middle of a lesson. She excused herself, went outside and when she returned she was very high on heroin.

      Thanks for sharing. I’m sure many viewers will be touched by this memory.

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