Satin Doll Chord Melody

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For this lesson I’ve prepared not one…but actually two chord melody arrangements of Duke Ellington’s “Satin Doll”.

I believe that this is one of those tunes that every jazz guitarist should have in his/her repertoire, as it is the perfect vehicle to practice and explore new II-V vocabulary. You do know that this is the most important harmonic cadence in jazz, right? Well if so, did you know that Satin Doll has a II-V in almost every measure?

In this video I teach you a version for solo finger-style guitar (featuring a cool walking bass) and then a simpler one to use whenever you play with a bass player, as in a trio. You can even mix and match, and come up with your own version.


The Satin Doll Files can be downloaded for $9.00 (buy me a cup of coffee and a snack?). Your contribution is much appreciated, as it helps support the site and allows me to keep investing the long hours required to produce these lessons. The download includes: 2 sets of PDFs featuring both arrangements with both regular notation and TAB, MP3s of both arrangements and the backing track, and 2 Band In A Box files.

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  1. Robin Galley

    Hi Richie. Great tutorial video thank you. I like this version of Satin Doll, but I’m not able to buy it as I’m not an Elite member yet. At the moment subscription is not an option due to other family expenses and exchange rate. I hope this becomes available to non elite members sometime.

    • Richie Zellon

      Sorry, but I truly don’t understand why you think it’s only for Elite members? Just click on the PayPal icon at the bottom of the page, pay $6.00 and download it.

  2. Jim Channell

    Richie, I joined the Elite membership and I’m looking at the chord melody video for Satin Doll. Do I get to download the PDF’s. All I see is I have to make another purchase. I thought the PDF’s were included in the original membership.

    • Richie Zellon

      You had registered twice that’s why. I’ve deleted your 2nd registration. Please login again.
      All you have to do is click on the Elite Members Download link towards the bottom of the page.

      If you have problems please email me.

  3. Peter Eichhorn

    hi Richie as already mentioned I payed for the class SATtIN DOLL. for the first time I could open it . but now a few hours later I want to open it again. NOT POSSIBLE. how can I reopened the class with all PDF and MP3
    thanks Peter

    • Richie Zellon

      It is not meant to be opened online every time you want to use it. You are supposed to download it to your computer and use it offline. Please login and download it.

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