The Bebop Anacrusis

by | Jazz Improvisation

If you’re wondering what on earth anacrusis means, it’s simply the proper term in written music for what we otherwise would call a “pick up”. And in this lesson I am excited to demonstrate this seldom taught melodic and rhythmic device in the unique context that it is used in literally thousands of lines by the bebop masters!

If you think I’m referring to just some ordinary pick-up at the beginning of a solo, get ready for an eye opening lesson! I’m going to show you that the Bebop Anacrusis is at the heart of hundreds of bebop lines.

The video features examples by Charlie Parker, Sonny Stitt, Dizzy Gillespie, Clifford Brown, Dexter Gordon, John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Bud Powell, Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, Grant Green, George Benson, Mike Stern and many more! And if you want an even more comprehensive study, I have put together a 17 page PDF with 57 notated examples including TAB and additional examples also including guitarists… Barney Kessel, Jimmy Raney, Tal Farlow, Kenny Burrell, Joe Pass, Pat Martino and Jim Hall.


The “Bebop Anacrusis” lesson files, can be downloaded for $9.50 . Your contribution is much appreciated, as it helps support the site and allows me to keep investing the long hours required to produce these lessons. The download includes a PDF with Notation and TAB for 57 examples by the bebop masters. A MIDI file which can be opened up in the free app MuseScore is also included.

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